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***The World Tree***

The Wolrd Tree Logo

This 3300 year old magical symbol represents the crossover point radiating spirit, will and energy into substance, form and creation.

It has evolved into the modern asterisk, used to denote importance.

Quantum Power

Dedicated to Dad, a spirited man with vision.

___Table of Contents___

  1. The Quantum Power Code
  2. The Core Energies of Life
  3. Manifestation and Parallel Universes
  4. Imagine the Possibilities
  5. Cosmic Ordering
  6. Synchronicity, Coincidence and Good Luck
  7. The Power of Intention
  8. How to Get What You Want
  9. The Sizzle of Synergy
  10. Resources: Nudges from the Universe

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___The Quantum Power Code___

The air was thick with the buzz of quantum phenomena and the shock of a dozen students experiencing a variety of reactions from disbelief to amazement. Moments before, I had tossed a large pebble toward a student to include in her demonstration of alignment and it landed on the glass tabletop. The glass shattered into a web about the size of my outstretched palm and fingers. I had just finished fixing it with mind power: high vibration, intention, certainty and focus.

The air still sizzled.

Earlier that week I had a conversation with the mathematics professor who lived across the street. She mentioned that glass is a slow moving liquid. Liquids flow. The glass shattered and I immediately placed my attention and intention on smoothing the glass back into the cracks. All that remained of the break was a tiny star, a souvenir of successfully manipulating matter.

I’m not sure how long it took. I do know it took some of the students a long time to recover from observing what they believed was impossible.

Those who continued on the journey learned magic.

Charles was shook up after discovering that he had skin cancer. We put him on a twice a day visualization / feelization / confirmation schedule. He relaxed and imagined cartoon style scrubbing bubbles attacking, destroying and eliminating those mutating cells. He said that the sessions tickled. Two weeks later the doctor could no longer find evidence of cancer.

Deborah is a cancer specialist. She administers heavy doses of poisonous drugs along with a high vibration of appreciation and certainty that her patients are well. Her high cure rates are written about in the medical journals. Her patients comment that they always feel better after they have seen her for their chemo-therapy treatments.

Cherie pulled out of a car park in London and was broadsided by a speeding truck. Her Jaguar was demolished. Her fiancée, in the car behind her, feared the worst. In the instant before she was hit she affirmed/confirmed her safety and wholeness and only broke a nail.

What do these people know that you might not know?

They are all able to identify and direct the core universal energies that create our experience on earth.

If you’ve been a student of manifestation, success or mind power, you may have noticed that leaders say the same thing.

What we think about comes about.

If you’ve been a student of any world religion or philosophy you may have noticed that leaders say the same thing.

As above, so below.

If you’ve been a student of mystical shamans or modern quantum physics you may have noticed that leaders say the same thing.

All is one.

Today, leaders in all arenas of life are saying the same thing. This was also the fundamental conclusion of leaders around the world at the beginning of understanding. Ancient religions, philosophies and reasoned viewpoints about our life on earth all say the same thing.
Before there was written language leaders around the world were figuring out the mystery of fire and ice, the progression of seasons, the flow of water and every other force that would allow them to survive. The wise men of the day used symbols to describe and understand the core universal energies that give texture to our life on planet earth. Their mystical insights into the forces of nature allowed them to work the magic that is now called miracle or myth. These mythological powers are now reflected in our evolutionary realizations revealed through quantum physics. Today, many successful people are implementing the same powerful wisdom as the ancient alchemists to gain insight, mind power and lucky synchronicity. It is easy and I can show you how.

___The Core Energies of Life ___

The universe is made up of energy. Not an infinite number of types of energy, just an infinite number of expressions of 24 universal core energies. Some examples are stillness and action, chaos and alignment, beginnings and completion. You already know these well. We experience and interact with these core energies every day.

The first law of thermodynamics is that the total energy in the universe is constant. Nothing is added or subtracted. There are only 24 distinct core energies, in infinite combinations, plus the indivisible universe which holds it all together. Expand your understanding and command of these potent forces and you will expand your available power and gain leverage in all areas of your life.

Becoming aware of our steady interaction with the core universal energies can be done through a simple tour of a routine day.
Planning our activities directs the energy of alignment.

Taking the trash out requires the action of doing

and the strength of umph.

Making coffee from heat, water and ground beans utilizes the magical alchemy, catalyze.

Paying a fee in exchange for a product or service is the energy of fortune, fees and finance.
Everyone following the rules while driving, the energy of rider gets us safely to our destination via boundaries, the zone.

Looking both ways before crossing the street is the attention of awareness.

Celebrating success fills us with wow and wonder.

Exchanging a kiss and feeling that bliss is the the gift, giver and giving.
When we relax and go with the flow, it’s liquid.

At the end of the day…
Sleeping restores us with the peace of stillness.

As you can see, these core universal energies are familiar and create the possibilities of our experience on this planet. If you doubt their value, consider this…
What energy above would you be willing to live without?


You get the idea. These are everyday energies. They are active whether we notice them or not. The more we understand the universal core energies the more effective and successful our life becomes.

These perpetual energies reveal all the spiritual and physical laws that govern life and the human soul. They reflect our cosmic connection, earthly challenges and creative powers. They answer questions. They offer solutions. They reveal the code of our existence and present practical tools to manifest change.

Develop you ability to recognize, integrate and direct these energies and increase your power to manifest your preferred life.

You can get your Nudges from the Universe Quantum Power Cards at
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___Manifestation & Parallel Universes___

A sudden storm came up while I was in the house having lunch. The wind blew fiercely and the rain pierced the summer sky like a hundred thousand arrows. The street quickly turned into a raging river and suddenly was threatening to kidnap my vehicle to freedom, my precious flying machine, my treasured red bicycle.

I jumped to my feet and raced to the door but was stopped before I could make the heroic rescue. My mother insisted that I stay in the house until the wind and rain subsided.
What I heard was that the wind and rain needed to stop! The precarious position of my dear bicycle demanded that the wind and rain stop NOW.

Captain Kangaroo reminded us daily to say our prayers. I had been to Sunday school, a fine old house with a big bay window that caught the glorious morning sun. We began with a song that always filled my heart with light, so, standing at the door and facing up to the heavens, I sang that song in my heart with bliss, enthusiasm and my full certainty as a six year old that the sun would come out now.

Good morning to you!
Good morning to you!

We’re all in our places,
with sun on our faces.
Good morning to you!
Good morning to you!

My reverie was interrupted as Mom grabbed my shoulder. “Quick! Quick! The storm stopped! Let’s get your bike!” We ran to the edge of the rushing street river and grabbed my prized possession from the raging water’s hungry tentacles. Again the rain started to fall and we rushed inside.

The screen door slapped me hard on my backside as we pulled the bike to safety when the powerful storm kicked up again in its full fury. The wind and pounding rain continued for hours, flooding the street and sweeping away everything in its path.

My bike was safe. With the faith of a child, I had held the essence of my desire in my heart with gratitude, joy and certainty. I experienced clear skies, if only for the necessary moment required to accomplish my goal. I now knew I had power in this universe.

We’ve all met people who seem to operate in a different world than we can imagine. They have a certainty that is alien to us. They have beliefs that mystify us. They have opportunities that elude us.

They experience circumstances that we can not even imagine. Notice that they are living in one of the infinite possibilities and that we too have infinite choices if we put our attention on them.
There is an art to creating your life deliberately.

Have you harnessed your power to create your intentions?
There are tips, tricks and opportunities to explore at Please visit soon and share your thoughts on the blog.


___Imagine the Possibilities___

Quantum physicists are in disagreement. The majority say that there are infinite possible realities, all available at all times, to all people. The rest of them say that there are infinite universes, already manifested possibilities. Either way, these ever present alternatives, available to us all at all times, are worthy of our consideration.

I was speeding along with traffic when a wildly swaying truck suddenly merged at my side threatening to run me off the road.

Consider what this “Whole” energy represents. This core energy is described as the “dizzying, chaotic cosmic egg containing all potentials with endless creative power.” Everything is possible, worst case, best case and everything in between.

I realized that swaying truck could squash me and quickly chose an alternate reality. I held up my hand as if to say halt and intended the energy of stillness. The truck steadied in its path. This is the power of identifying and directing core energies to change your circumstance.


Today I received this e-mail…

Dear Kristin,

Thank you for the runes. I had a meeting with my boss yesterday and I used the cards before it started.

I picked one at random. “Whole” came up and it was on target for the events that followed. Thank you so much for this wonderful nudge.

Here is to great success for you and Nudges from the Universe!
Barney Mayse Kansas, USA

What if you knew before walking into an important meeting that the “whole” universe of chaotic possibilities was dominant? You could make a decision and influence the outcome. How could you use the power from integrating and utilizing these powerful core energies called the Runes?

Imagine the possibilities!

You can get your deck here at


___Cosmic Ordering___

We Create Our Own Reality

Ever since Newton’s apple fell from that tree we have been taught to view this world as solid and predictable. If you are not getting magical results in your life, the mistake you might be making is to believe that your personal power operates from and is limited by the same rules as the universe of solid objects.

Making our life happen on purpose isn't the same as mixing atoms together for a science experiment or a birthday cake. In the world of molecules all stuck together we get the same results when we take the same actions. Not so in the realm of the sub-atomic particle. We influence the direction of our life by choosing what to observe.

Our life is in constant creation based on our thinking and our feelings. What we put our attention on and how we feel about it is the recipe that cooks up our experiences today. If we put our attention on the same things tomorrow and feel the same way about it, we create our own perpetual loop and our life appears to be solidly fixed. When we change our thinking and align our feelings we get a new, intentional experience.

Imagine that the universe is a warehouse filled with everything you can possibly imagine. Everything! Good, bad, desirable, hateful, fulfilling and misery making. Every time we feel a feeling, it is as if we are at the drive-up order window making an order. If we think “What a wonderful life!” wonder and miracles are delivered to us. When we complain about being served cold coffee, we get more cold coffee or worse dumped on our heads.

A student, Barbara confessed to waking up miserable each morning and loudly exclaiming “CRAP!” when she opened her eyes to the same unhappy existence she had gone to sleep to the night before. She had been a student of manifestation long enough to have heard that we create our own reality. She sheepishly admitted in class that her sewer had backed up during the week and she had woken up swimming in the same filthy stuff she had been yelling about every morning. With absolute certainty, she had created that which she resisted. When our attention is on what we resist that is what we get.

The universe does not judge our orders for our next experience; it just fulfills them by matching our dominant feelings and vibrations.

The Universe, first and foremost, matches the vibration of our feelings not our thoughts and wishes.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the two bricklayers toiling in the sun. Upon questioning, one complained about slave labor and the other beamed as he described the grandeur of the cathedral he was helping to build. One man held venom in his heart and one man had a vision. One man was exhausted and one man was exhilarated.

It’s common knowledge that our health is a reflection of our emotions and attitudes. Anger and bitterness can create sufficient poison in our blood that when injected into lab rats a most amazing thing happens.


The rats die.

We push, pull and force our will and then wonder why we suffer. We only suffer because we do not understand the nature of our existence and the powerful energies involved in our daily experience.
When we align our thinking and our feelings we get our intended results. The Universe seems to open up to us and we experience perfect coincidence and sweet synchronicity. This happens each time we create what we want. We've all been in the flow of aligned intention and attention. We've all gotten results that were even better than we had imagined. We already know what it feels like to be in the flow and manifest what we want. We already create our own reality.
Get more tips, tricks and techniques to get in the flow of intention.


___Mind Games & Resistance___

Have you ever thought that thinking was over rated? Does that statement sound like blasphemy to you? The mind may be a terrible thing to waste, but it causes great waste when we let it run on its own, especially when we feel the stress of the unknown that shows up after we have decided to undertake a new endeavor.

Research indicates that 83% if us get excited about a fresh start and are quickly overrun with fear and doubt. When we are feeling anxious and uncertain, our mind can trap us if we let it. We can make a plan, change our mind, imagine one hundred outcomes, overcompensate, second guess ourselves and miss the boat entirely. We start with our eye on a new prize and end up stuck, with our knickers in a twist.

Our minds seem to be wired to present us with all the reasons “why not” when we decide to go for anything new and unfamiliar. “I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m too dumb. I’m too poor. I tried that before. My cousin tried that before. They say it’s a waste of time. They say it’s a trick.” Certainly these are good reasons to go back to the status quo. Besides all that, you feel a cold coming on, you should rest.

Have you ever heard yourself or someone else demolish their prospects for a brighter future with thinking like this? Even if you don’t do it yourself, mention a new venture and you will easily find others who happily rain on your parade. It’s not that they are all mean spirited, or that we ourselves are raging pessimists. It just that this is what many minds do when presented with a new possibility that reeks of uncertainty.

New doesn’t always create chaos. When you find a new pair of jeans just like your worn out favorites, it’s time for celebration. If you’ve built successful businesses, a new venture is faced with the excitement of a positive expectation. If you have managed your money deftly, you recognize and act on additional opportunities to grow your stash.

But, what if you have tried before and failed? What if your dad attempted to build a business while your mom was extolling the virtues of a regular paycheck and the golden handcuffs of imagined corporate security while complaining about your dear old dad’s financial irresponsibility? What if the neighbors lost their house because, instead of keeping their money safe in a bank, they invested in an orange grove that turned out to be past-its-prime swampland? How do you jump into the realm of personal freedom when you have evidence that you could very well fall on your face if you take any risks?

What do we do with the doubts, fears and what-ifs? We certainly can ignore them, sweep them under the rug and pretend they do not exist. Positive thinking and faking it until we make it allows us to get started. The only problem is that those doubts, fears and memories of failure are now buried, hidden underground. They form a landmine field that we have to cross to get to our goal. We created the landmines. We buried them. We tied the blindfold around our eyes.

We bravely set out to reach our goal. (Notice that bravery and courage require fear and doubt. A walk in the park requires no courage when we have reasonable certainty about the positive outcome of our effort.)

One false step and everything will explode in our face. The more importance we’ve attached to our success or failure the bigger the explosion we’re likely to experience. “I’ve just gotta make this work. It’s my only hope. This is my one chance.”

Man! That’s a lot of pressure! The bigger the pressure is, the bigger the explosion. And remember, the pressures of fear, doubt and courage are created all in our own minds! What a neat trick!
The greater the stress the dumber we become. Our creative juice runs out of our heads and adrenaline pumps into our bodies in case we have to win a foot race with a saber tooth tiger.

The memories are not only in our head, they also connected to energy stuck in our bodies. We can rationalize all we want, but we cannot think our way out of the land mine field that we have created.

If you noticed that you sabotage your effort, that’s a valid first step toward freedom. Eliminating the pattern is just part of the magic offered in the e-Course Gaining Altitude.

Learn more about it at


___Synchronicity, Coincidence and Good Luck___

It's funny how we think that the word coincidence means "out of the blue," unpredictable and unexpected. When you think about it, it is amazing that we ever run in to opportunity, old friends and just what we were looking for in this great big world, don’t you think?

Synchronicity and coincidence represent the perfect alignment of two angles, objects or actions in time and space. What we get in life is synchronized coincidence, a cosmic dance of aligning energies dependent on our attitude, emotion, action and expectation that creates our reality and experience. We create things showing up in perfect alignment all the time.

Those who say "why me?" create more problems than the rest of us because they expect bad things and focus on problems. Some are luckier than others because they expect things to work out and focus on opportunities. It's the law of the universe, now explainable by quantum physics.

The first and foremost principle of Quantum Physics is that the observer affects the outcome. Always. What we think, believe and expect influences the life we live. Whether we are counting blessings or problems we will find more of what we are looking for.

If you want to increase your luck, deliberately connect with the universal energy of exchange. Choose this energy in all its sweet aspects and your luck and gladness will regenerate.

Luck is big and is the
same energy
as gifts,
and goodwill.

Luck is the same energy as goodness, gladness and God.

The symbol of this energy of exchange is the :X: and it shows up in meaningful ways today. We sign our love letters with an :X: to send the very same energy as a kiss. We cross our fingers in an :X: for good luck and we favor a four leaf clover. We can sign our name with an :X: to enter an agreement with another. Where treasure is buried, we say “:X: marks the spot.”
Gratitude works magic. It’s simple quantum science.


We magnetize and attract more of what we are being.

What we think and feel about manifests our next moment.

So count your blessings and be generous.

Light the world with your gladness and you’ll have a genie in your lamp.

The Gift
The Giver
Goodness and
Good Luck

Nudge the Universe with gratitude and gladness to create your own lucky coincidence. Go out today and test this.

Get back to us with your results! at


This morning a client had great news. Her spa now has a new and famous tenant who is going to bring in additional business and generate free press. She was excited about this new development and proclaimed that “It was meant to be!”

Do you think like this also? When good things come do you proclaim that it was meant to be? When bad things come do you proclaim that it must be the way it was meant to be? Certainly, this is a popular viewpoint. However, it is not an empowering point of view. Consider an alternative way of thinking.

The new tenant had told Joan that she considered her spa as a possible new home for her business three weeks earlier. I asked Joan what we had covered in our coaching session that week. Immediately she had an ah-ha moment.

At the beginning of that session she had been worrying about the insufficient income her business was producing. We investigated and discovered that her fear and feeling of lack was producing more of the same, fear and lack.

Her ability to manifest her intention became clear as she remembered that our session had focused on adding $500 a week additional income to her existing business. By the end of our hour, she had
become enthusiastic and had decided that this would happen even though she did not know how or where this increase in income would come from. She was focused on what she wanted, not what she feared.

It was just after this change in attitude and attention that her new tenant though of her spa as being the perfect new home for her growing business and prosperous clients.

Joan’s father had once told an associate, “The harder I work the luckier I become.” Hard work is only one of the ways for us to increase the chances that good things will come to us. We all know hard workers who are beset by bad luck and tough breaks. Joan’s good fortune came as a result of a decision to focus on having what she wanted, no extra effort was involved.

When we proclaim that anything is “as it was meant to be,” we give away our power. Every time we claim responsibility for events and circumstances, good and bad, we gain power. Responsibility is the ability to respond, to make changes, to redirect the circumstances.

We are not talking about blame or fault but the ability to respond, responsibility is a wonderful and powerful thing. When we take responsibility we can focus on and create what we want.

Kate, another client, came to me soon after her car was towed, she fell down a full flight of stairs, and was mugged. She expressed her superstition that “bad luck comes in threes.” She seemed to be off the hook for the mean time, but was in for a miserable time as soon as one thing went wrong in the future.

After she recognized that she had been feeling like a fearful and powerless victim during that difficult series of events, she realized she had the power to change the direction of her life and circumstances.

Now I get regular reports from her as she consistently bumps into influential people who are willing to help her in her new career.

We don’t need to understand how we participated in our unfavorable circumstances; we just need to recognize that we played a part in their creation. We then become conscious co-creators of our lives instead of playing the roll of victim or lucky by-stander. We gain power to get more of the good stuff and reduce all that we do not prefer.

Some people call this process cosmic ordering, mind power or the law of attraction. Some explain it with quantum physics, metaphysics or spiritual philosophy and psychology. Whatever the paradigm, the truth is the same; like attracts like, and we bring about what we think about. Focus on your intention.


___How To Get What You Want___

We all create. We all create everyday. We create on purpose, with intention and clarity or we create by accident, with mixed results.

We make life happen, or life happens to us.

We manifest our dreams or our demons.

We are involved in manifesting our experience of everything whether we know it or not.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that it became common in Western civilization to acknowledge that we individually and collectively create our reality.

Some of us have come a long way in this understanding, some are misled by well intentioned but inaccurate teachings, some are just waking up to the possibilities and some remain asleep. In the “Positive Thinking “days of the 1970’s we were affirming our desires.

The truth about affirmations is that they encourage us to pretend to believe what we want to believe. Pretending is not the same as believing!

Remember that goofy guy on “Saturday Night Live” who looked in his mirror and chanted “I like myself. I like myself. I like myself.” Repeating what we want does not make it so.

Pretending, wishing and hoping often leads to disappointment.

There are methods being taught that actually muddy the waters instead of creating smooth sailing.

If we are grumbling about our life and insisting that the universe hand us the winning lotto ticket we are going to be disappointed and think that this manifestation stuff just plain does not work! When we start out grumbling, we end up with more to grumble about. That is how manifestation works.

Managing our energy and attention, removing disaligning beliefs and holding a clear vision of our preferences with feeling gets us what we want.

The picture might not match, but the feeling will be similar to our most frequently held vibration. No matter where you are on the spectrum of understanding manifestation, you create your reality every day.

Consciously or unconsciously you put into motion the energies that manifest the reality you live in.

If the concept of “energy” sounds like New Age who-ha, remember our old friend Albert Einstein. He proved that everything is energy.

Solid objects as well as solidified ideas of our self and our life are simply vibrating slower than light so they appear to be real.

If we are operating in the slower, denser energies of fear, worry and resistance we can easily get stuck in the undertow of misery.

If we operate in the higher frequencies of deliberate intention, compassion and appreciation everything flows, moves more smoothly, and can more effortlessly be directed toward our desires. Learning to operate in the higher, more fluid vibrations is the first step to manifesting our desires and intentions.

This is no mystery. Chose to be grateful, generous and gracious and you will have, attract, magnetize, manifest, create, and experience more to be grateful for.

Science has come a long way in the last century to explain what reality really is and how we influence our experience. Quantum Physics can be applied with simplicity and ease to gain a quality of life you can only imagine! It’s about as complicated as it was to learn to tie your shoes. Finding resources that help you to understand the way our universe really works is the simplest path to getting what YOU want.

For more information on creating what you want please visit


___Indulge In Prosperity___


How do you feel about the word “indulge”? Does it get your back up a little bit, cause a twinge, or remind you of words you heard as a kid about the indulgent and spoiled rich?

In your mind, does there seem to be a connection between arrogance and the indulged few? Does it seem that you don’t fit in the lifestyle of the rich and famous? And even if you did, you’re not sure you’d want to be in the company of those who indulge in their wasteful whims?

Even some dictionaries suggest that indulgence implies wasteful excessiveness when it actually means to partake of something wholly, freely, without abandon or restraint. Indulgence is to experience without limits or constraint. We can binge on chocolate, alcohol or self pity, but let’s look at the healthy side of indulgence.

Many of us haven’t learned how to indulge in the act of loving ourselves. Learning how to do this will invite much more quality into our lives.

If you go on vacation, do so without guilt. If you are taking a few minutes for yourself, engage completely in your favorite activity, not some mindless TV show. Indulge in making your life full of quality experiences. In doing so, you are placing a cosmic order for more of the same quality of experiences to come into your life.

It’s amazing what convoluted paths our busy minds can lead us on. Too often we think of those with larger lives than our own and our minds lead us down the rut of discouragement and distain or outright fear.

Many of us don’t understand that our mind leads us to or away from our goals all day, every day. Everything that we observe goes through the filter of our beliefs and preconceived notions of what we can or can not have. Our mind already has a default opinion that tells us what to do and what to think without making a conscious choice.

The default response is based on old information, processed and put on automatic when we first encountered the stimulus. It’s based on who and what we were then. Many daily decisions are in default mode and this simplifies our life. Previous experience allows us to cross the street without having to decide if we should wait for the oncoming freight truck to pass. Mom said to look both ways and that advise is still good. We patiently wait and avoid chaos or worse.

Some of the decisions we made in the past don’t serve us as well. If we ever spent time with others who thought the rich were somehow responsible for some social ill and if their companionship and approval was important to us, we are going to have a tough time indulging in our own prosperity.

Unless we make a new decision and replace that automatic thought process with intention, we base our future on decisions we made in the past.

What would it feel like if you allowed yourself to live your life fully and without reservation or restraint? What would it feel like to allow your wealth and life to expand to its fullest potential? What would your life be like if you fully and freely indulged in prosperity? What if you allowed yourself to experience prosperity without limits?

Until you take the time to watch your mind as an outside, non-reactive observer, your old programming will quickly override any plans you have to change your life. When you start to watch the path your head automatically goes, you will notice that your mind takes you to beliefs you have been operating from that you no longer even believe!

As you develop the habit of watching your thoughts, reevaluating the core beliefs and making new choices you will gain the power to direct your life in new and more expansive directions.
Nothing can stop you from manifesting your dreams other than your own beliefs about who you are and what you do and do not deserve.

Discover who you really are and why you really can have it all. Open the path to an expansive new life and indulge in prosperity.

___The Sizzle of Synergy___


David called full of enthusiasm. He is looking forward to speaking to a group of 200 high school seniors next week to encourage them to “Get Excited! Stay Excited! Exercise!” Great message, we all benefit in untold ways when we move our energy with the sizzle of excitement.

Dave, Mr. Sizzle himself, told me of all the happy coincidences happening in his life and how real estate deals and personal circumstances are falling into place as if by magic.
You and I know better.

When sweet synchronicity surrounds us it is because our thoughts and feelings are of eager anticipation, appreciation and generosity. David mentioned being “in the flow” and commented on the weirdness of it all.

You and I know better.

David has been operating in the Quantum Field that was defined by ancient Scandinavians before they had a written language. Our English word weird is the grandchild of the ancient concept of the interconnected, interactive universe called Wyrd. The Norse also understood the power of flow, awe and surrender verses resistance. They discerned the sizzle of the electro-magnetism that we can create with generosity and enthusiasm.

These are the very energies that are encouraged today by the leaders in the fields of success, manifestation, wealth building and applied quantum physics for self-improvement and development. Every global spiritual tradition acknowledges the flow of the interconnected universe. These ideas and energies are universal.

Because these core energies are the basis for our experience on this planet, many people today are finding that their power increases as they become more familiar with them. Develop your awareness and ability to direct these core manifesting energies with Nudges from the Universe!


___Nudges from the Universe___

Are you ready to explore the Core Universal Energies that create our experience here on planet earth?

AlphaRunes Presents Nudges from the Universe!

Core Energies of Consciousness & Creation Aligning Insight, Mind Power & Synchronicity

"There's a lot of reading material out there, but very little of it gets you to think and even less of it gets you to move forward.

These cards do both!" Richard Fuller, editor Metaphysical Review Get Nudged! Move Ahead! James Wanless, Voyager Tarot, Business Consultant

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About the Author
___Kristin S. Kopp___

Known for her peaceful, powerful presence, Kristin Svanoe Kopp is dedicated to helping people elevate their consciousness to live more intentional and joy filled lives. Her mission is simple.
Encourage, Enlighten & Empower to Assist in Up-Shifting Consciousness she became interested in yoga and world religions at 12 years old. She holds certifications in Transpersonal Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, half a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and uses the current meridian release techniques. Trained as a cultural anthropologist and a lifelong student and teacher of mind technology, Kristin has worked with thousands of people from around the world.

As a professional speaker, trainer, consultant and personal life coach she has received international recognition for her contributions and accomplishments, is listed in six distinctive volumes of “Who’s Who” and was acknowledged by Dr.

Norman Vincent Peale and business guru Ken Blanchard as a leader. She received the Award for Excellence for her weekly television programs and hosted a special TV series with Fred Alan Wolf, featured expert in the popular quantum physics documentary of 2004, What the Bleep Do We Know and the 2006 movie, The Secret.

Teaching has taken her across the USA to the Orient. She has worked with both metaphysical explorers and traditional business people seeking an effective way to implement what they already know. She has presented workshops for international training organizations in addition to designing many programs based on her personal research and experience.

The skills she teaches are universally applicable and non-confrontive, they transcend cultural and age differences, and embrace our common experiences of living. More than offering the perennial truths that lead to intellectual understanding, Kristin leads people through a process of discovery and provides simple to apply skills that allow us to move toward what we want. It truly is “not what we do, but how we do it” that makes for satisfying lives.

With speed, grace and simplicity, students and clients learn the “how to” of making their lives more deliberate and intentional. Life becomes the relaxed and delightful adventure it was meant to be. You’ll be amazed at the ease and the power of the tools available for getting unstuck and getting on with the joy of living.

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Fred Alan Wolf, physicist, lecturer and author of Parallel Universes, and Taking the Quantum Leap, comments, Kristin flies like an eagle and shoots her arrow straight to the heart of the universe.

Kristin helped me realize that it’s ok to love myself! Once we removed the blockages that prevented me from doing so, my life changed rapidly and in magnificent ways. She was at the beginning of my new life. Sharita, NY, NY

A Software Engineer in Wisconsin reports on his consulting experience.

Kristin asks the questions that lead me to my answers. I’ve been seeing her off and on for the last 20 years and always get great results.

Kristin turned my light on and saved my life! I look at the world differently now and I like my life so much better. Kathleen LeTendre, Madison, WI

A poet in Israel consulted via the Internet. I felt the healing quality even in our pre-session Email exchange. After our session I felt clarification and like a load had dropped from my heart. Kristin gives a feeling of true caring, empathy and understanding.

I came to Kristin wanting to be an actress and now I am a working actor. Kristin is my mentor for life! Casandra Kate Escobar NY, NY

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Gaining Altitude Align your Attention, Intention and Power
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Thanks for coming to speak to our group. This can be a tough audience. People really enjoyed your presentation, in fact, you had them eating out of your hand.

Nancy Simpson, NCRG President, Wisconsin, USA

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