Completed Projects

In 1989, I, a single mother of three, almost, single-handedly, built 280 houses in Orange Farm with no water or sanitation in 6 months with a lot of harassment by SAP and false accusations.

I moved 280 families, who had been living in a cholera-infested Mashenguville to brand new houses in Orange Farm, helped start a school with funds raised by organising a festival and other small humanitarian community events.

In 2010, SABC TV 1 was on site filming the houses that had been standing since 1989 with residents giving glowing reports to presenter and crew.

Based on the humanitarian work I did at Orange Farm, I received a huge sum of money, which, with the help of Advocate Nobert G Sithole, was invested in Euroclear while setting up and preparing the Humanitarian Banking NGO which has grown to trillions of dollars, making Maveric self-sufficient to sustain all our projects.

Future Projects

Worth-while human beings will not let themselves be driven to despair. They will create new and lasting values, and under the tremendous pressure brought to bear upon everyone today these new works will be of particular greatness.

A nation which believes in its future will never perish.

These were the words uttered by Albert Speer after sentencing at the Nuremberg trials, the remaining question is why has nobody learnt the lesson that these trials tried to achieve?

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